Inform Locksmith won't compile

For some reason Inform is giving me an error for this part of Locksmith by Emily Short:

The can't put onto something being carried except keychains rule is listed instead of the can't put onto something being carried rule in the check putting it on rulebook.

Does anyone know if this is a bug in that extension?

You’re using an old version of the extension, I’m pretty sure. If you have Inform 6L38 the up-to-date version of Locksmith should be included. (I’m pretty sure that the “can’t put onto something being carried rule” was eliminated from 6L38 after some discussion).

Huh, that’s odd, after I got the error I updated to Version 10, which is the latest one I can find on the web and it still does it. I’m running the latest version of Inform as well.

The latest version is 12 and included with the Inform installation. If you have downloaded and installed another copy it’s overriding the built-in one. Delete the one you’ve installed manually and it should work; if you’ve removed the built-in one too, re-install Inform to get a new copy.

Oh hey, thanks, it does! Damn, I can’t even remember installing that…