Inform is gender-confused.

Hi! I’m using [them] and [they’re] for gender mentions, and it leads to weird stuff.

‘Examine someone’ gives the gender of the person who last was acted upon.

is there a way to fix that?

EDIT: I can sort of fix this with “[the noun] [are] asleep.” but that’s not really what i’m going for.

Try this:

"[regarding the noun][They're] asleep."

(It’s really difficult to tell what’s going on here without some code. My guess is that you left out [regarding the noun] and Inform is going a bit crazy trying to find the referent of “They,” but it’s also possible that you’re referring to some global variable that you only set when you zap something.)

After examining an asleep person (called the sleeper): Now the sleeper is the noun; Say "[the noun] [are] asleep."

is the code i’m using. very basic, didn’t think i’d need to show it.

EDIT: yup. [regarding the noun] fixed it. thanks!

Well, I wasn’t sure what you had before “[the noun] [are] asleep.”

By the way, you don’t need “now the sleeper is the noun”–your header line “After examining an asleep person (called the sleeper)” automatically sets the sleeper to whatever you’re examining. (That’s what the “called” line does–creates a temporary variable that’s initially set to whatever you’re citing in the header.)

Anyway, chapter 14 of the documentation on adaptive prose is well worth looking at. That’s where you’ll find the “regarding…” trick, as well as the “[They’re]” substitution.