Inform Doesn't Sense Installed Extention

I recently installed Michael Martin’s Quips. I downloaded them, then I installed it via the File menu in Inform. I clicked on the copy and paste thingey so that in my source code it says

Include Quip-Based Conversation by Michael Martin.

But when I click Go, I get a message that says:
Problem. You wrote ‘Include Version 10 of Reactable Quips by Michael Martin’ : but I can’t find that extension, which seems not to be installed. (You can get hold of extensions which people have made public at the Inform website.)

So I tried re-installing, and that didn’t work. It’s late… I’m barely lucid… I can’t figure it out on my own :wink: Thanks!

Did you install Reactable Quips as well? QBC requires that extension, as the error message says.

Oh… shoot… duh! :blush: As the message says, I’m tired and I should’ve been asleep a while ago. Thank you so much! Sorry for the stupid question :unamused:

It is a bit misleading because it says “You wrote…” when in fact the extension author wrote the line.