Inform doesn't change the gblorb file preview

First off, I’m not sure whether this topic only applies to MacOS, or if it covers Win/Linux as well. If you know, please tell me.

On MacOS, generating a release from the Inform IDE with cover art creates a preview like this:

The preview is shown in the MacOS finder.

That’s the original cover art I used, which I replaced for my playtest release. However, when I replace the art, even though the new art shows up in Quixe and Lectrote, the preview doesn’t change. I’ve tried deleting all kinds of different files, restarting Inform, etc., but no luck. Obviously Inform is caching the art somewhere, but I can’t figure out where.

I really need this art to go away, since it’s copyrighted and I want to enter IFComp! :scream:

Anyone have any ideas?

Have you tried looking at the gblorb on a different Mac? It might be MacOS caching the image.

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Good idea. I checked on my wife’s Mac and there’s no preview at all! Which is better than the incorrect preview. Thanks!

That looks like the Spatterlight Quicklook plugin preview. I had a bug report that pointed out that Spatterlight doesn’t actually update its cover art automatically when it changes inside a game blorb, unless the game is completely deleted from the Spatterlight database and then re-added.

Also, the Quicklook plugin will show cover art from the internal Spatterlight database rather than the image inside the blorb. This will be fixed in the next release.

If you prefer not to see the Quicklook previews at all, they can be switched off in System Preferences > Extensions > QuickLook.

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Oh, that makes sense. Thanks.

Ok, that’s good to hear. I’ll learn to stop worrying and love the quicklook preview. Thanks!