Inform condition for rooms to have a description based on where an object is

So I need a code for a lantern for if it was out in a different room it would be like to the far east you can make out a warm light or if it’s in the middle to the east you can see a warm bright light or if it’s in a room where you can’t see it it’s just say it’s dark but near the middle room is a bit of light or just you can’t see a thing in the darkness

If I understand you, if the player’s current location is dark you want to print a paragraph that describes this lantern if it is 1 or 2 rooms (or maybe more) away from the current location (in a straight line?) and with no intervening closed doors? And that the description differs according to how far away it is? and maybe differs if it’s close (say 2 rooms away) but not in a direct line of sight?

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Have a look at the code of Bronze by Emily short. It has the exact things you mention.

Yeah basically