Inform 7 vs twine

hello, i would make a parser game but with image … in the style of dos, what of this program is good for this ??

If you’re going for graphics in the style of DOS, I might recommend Adventuron, which is designed for exactly that sort of aesthetic. Twine doesn’t have parser capabilities by default so you’ll have to write all of that yourself, and Inform 7 assumes graphics are like inline figures in a book.


While you can technically make a parser in Twine, I really do not recommend it. It is suuuuch a hassle (speaking from experience). Seconding on Adventuron. Really cool and pretty simple to grasp as a parser program.


I interpreted your question as possibly showing images in the style of the old DOS days. That would be ASCII art. You can find online converters to style images using ASCII characters.

The art can look even better when colouring the ASCII characters. Adventuron could probably display this kind of art just fine as the raw ASCII, though you could just save a screenshot of the ASCII image and embed it as a normal image file.

Converting an existing image is fast and easy, but there are also programs that allow you to draw in ASCII and even just deliberately paint each character by hand. There are a lot of ways to generate ASCII art so I’ll leave it at that for now… in case I’m wrong here. :wink:


thanks all .
but adventuron have the same power of inform7 or twine 2??

What do you mean by same power?


Adventuron is between ScottKit 2 word parser, and Inform. You can have 4 word parser no problem, but it doesn’t have Inform sophisticated libraries.

Adventuron is still easy to use if you’re aiming for DOS lookalike, IMO.


the power… i mean the wide stories control

I’m still not sure what you mean by wide story control… but I think your limitations would probably be on your level of understanding of the Adventuron documentation.