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Agreed, but I think addressing this will remain above the pay grade of a 280-characters-at-a-time medium. I have been trying to ameliorate that situation at least a little with the Inform 7 Documentation and Resources post (which I maintain in a completely unofficial and 100% self-appointed capacity).

I do have a bunch of different projects in motion to produce different kinds of references (an aspiration complicated by still being a newbie with plenty to learn myself). After a couple of months of neglect I’ve returned to working on my extension tester in hope of replacing the Friends of I7 Extensions Github page with something that makes plain which extensions don’t compile with 6M62.

You’re the person who originated this Memory Limit post, I see, so I take it you’ve tried cranking up MAX_DICT_ENTRIES as mentioned in @McTavish’s list of settings quoted there ? Or if you’re familiar with compiling C, you could try the current development version of Inform 6 which uses dynamic allocation and thus obsoletes more I6 memory settings than anyone who isn’t an I6-compiler-developer is likely to have heard of, only a subset of which an I7 coder had any chance of having heard of, and that by directly reading the Standard Rules. Enormous thank you to Zarf for that improvement to the I6 compiler, by the way!

At any rate, I’m going to add Ade’s settings post to the I7 Documentations and Resources wiki now, and mention the new I6 in that regard.