Friends of I7 extension testing


Thanks much for seeking these out! I fixed Scopability in the repo. And instead of special-casing a modification in testing Basic Plans, I just added “Include Planner” to it in the repo. Happily for my special-casing sensitivity, for Graphical Map one can get away with just the Figure of Map definition without really having a figure file in Materials. (Creating a blorb would fail, but the tester doesn’t attempt that.) And for Planner, I followed your suggestion exactly.

So I’ve updated the web pages with four fewer errors. And also:

  • Includes and Included by lists are finally alphabetized
  • pages don’t get built for Internal extensions; they’re just noted in the others’ include lists as appropriate
  • where code was inserted to make it compile, the extension page says what it was

(But the code insertion isn’t visually distinct enough, and the table isn’t formatted appropriately in the Achievements case. sigh.)