[Inform 7][SOLVED] I7 On the web?

Hi everyone, jr I7/Web Developer and IF enthusiast here :smiley:

When I first started looking into Inform 7(and text-based games alike), I came across one of Emily Short’s creations, which was available for play on the web (http://inform7.com/learn/eg/glass/play.html). I was intrigued at how she was able to do this, and instantly I thought about how to put my own I7 creation online.

Would putting I7 games available for play on the Web be possible without requiring the viewer to download the source code and have I7 installed? If so, how?

Thanks in advance,
-Sho Ke

Thanks zarf for the answer, all good now :smiley:

Look in the I7 manual, chapter 23, particularly section 11.

Of course, the manual! I feel ashamed now :blush:
Thanks for the help, I had only read to about chapter 6 when I decided to stop and take a crack at creating a small game with I7. I didn’t even know there was a chapter titled ‘Publishing’!

Don’t be ashamed! The manual is notoriously hard to find things in.