Inform 7 slow on Linux Ubuntu

I have the newest type of Ubuntu installed on my computer (natty narwhal). Before this update I couldn’t use inform 7, and I was losing it! Thank goodness it works now!

My present issue is with inform 7’s test performance on my linux OS. Between turns in my games there is a long excruciating wait period (3-8 seconds). Is this a compiler issue or a linux issue, any ideas?

The first thing that jumps to mind is bug 678. Does it speed up if you trim the skein?

Thanks, I may have to find a windows to do some of my play-testing, but atleast I can write!

You can do play-testing, as long as you trim the skein every so often. (It doesn’t grow big [italic type]that[roman type] fast.)

wow, I didn’t think it could be because of that. It could be useful to be able to disable the skein in an option because I don’t use it at all.

There is a suggestion for that here:

thank you I voted for it.