Inform 7 sees "Otherwise" with incorrect punctuation

I’m working on an adventure, and I require a process to an action I defined “kicking.”
When I try to run the adventure, I get this:
I can’t understand this error, and by reading the documentation, I assume I’m in the right, but I can’t fix this. What am I doing wrong?

(P.S. I’ve only now noticed the forgotten “say.” Please don’t repeat it back to me.)

You can’t have blank lines within rules (or to-phrases). Inform 7 thinks your Otherwise is an entirely separate thing from Carry Out kicking.

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I had added that blank line as a way to try and troubleshoot. When it was gone, the same error popped up.

You also have a period after the end the story statement, which is terminating the rule and orphaning the “otherwise” - should be a semicolon to indicate the rule continues.

(NB too your second mistake statement has “attack something”, not “attack [something]” which is I think what you want).

EDIT: oh, one more tip is that you can use the preformatted text option to paste in your code exactly as it looks in the IDE, spacing included - that makes it easier for folks to troubleshoot. It’s the little option in the forum toolbar that looks like this: </>