Inform 7 problem i can't get over

Here is the code:

“The Unknown Life and Death in Dicksville” by N P Uwe Krickelberg

Dicksville is a region.
Dicksville contains a room called The Pub.
The describtion for The Pub is "This is the place where people, the Dicks, meet reaching from the homeless to the hedonists. Beyond social differences they share plenty of conversations about the latest Dicks-Will.

Of significane are this evening’s following guest’s: Dr. Haberlot, a regular after-work guest who is the mayor’s taylor, Busty, the ever-broke amateur scientist and J. W. Reck, a beggar and alcoholist who was once known as the best chef in Dicksville."

Here is Inform’s response:

Problem. You wrote ‘The describtion for The Pub is “This is the place where people, th […] wn as the best chef in Dicksville.”’ : but this seems to say that a thing is a value, like saying ‘the chair is 10’.

Any idea would be great. Thx.

You need “the description of The Pub…” – it has to be “of” not “for,” and there’s a typo in “description.”

The description of The Pub is

Edit: Darn, too slow :frowning:

By the way, if you’re comfortable with leaving out a phrase, you can also just write the description (in quotes, of course) in the sentence immediately following the creation of the room, and I7 will automatically consider that its description until further notice.

For instance:

Dicksville is a region. The Pub is a room in Dicksville. "This is the place where people called Dicks meet."

You’ll then see the sentence in quotes as the room description in The Pub.

This also works for objects. See chapter 3 in the I7 documentation.