Inform 7 - possible workaround for parser command entry?

Hi, all. As many of you have noticed, there are issues with parser works in Chrome, where commands glitch out as you’re typing them in, to a degree that isn’t gamebreaking but is rather annoying. The common factor, unless I’m missing something, is that they’re using the default interpreter.

So, I haven’t tested this on the comp site for obvious reasons, but I have tested it on my own work, and a possible workaround is to use the Vorple interpreter. It’s a bit fiddly to set up, but not wildly out of line with other IF engines (if you’ve set up Undum or ChoiceScript you’ll have no problem; if not, there’s a step-by-step guide on the website) And while it obviously has a lot of capabilities to extend the piece with CSS and JavaScript, I suspect it might help even just to use the interpreter and do nothing else.

(Also, Vorple is great and I endorse people using it. The visual presentation, in particular, is a lot more web-friendly, even with zero CSS tweaks.)


Github discussion:

Juhana has provided a fix, but we’re still evaluating it. Hopefully the comp site will be updated with it in the next day or two.

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There’s also a quick fix for Quixe installations in this thread: Quixe, Chrome, cursor position

It’s essentially a Chrome bug so it’ll resolve itself eventually (even in old installations) when it’s fixed in Chrome.