Inform 7 Parser Wrangling :)

After asserting “A front door is here. It is scenery.” in Inform 7, is there a way to prevent the word “front” being recognised as the front door by the parser?

Foyer is a room.

A front door is privately-named scenery in the Foyer.
Understand "door" or "front door" as the front door.

Test me with "x front / x door / x front door"

I7’s default behavior is to understand all of the words comprising an object’s name in the source code as the object.

However, if you define an object as privately-named, I7 doesn’t do this, and it’s up to you to define explicitly all of the words by which it will be understood.

In this example, we understand “door” and “front door” as the front door, but not “front” alone.

You could also do it this way:

A front-door is scenery in the Foyer.
The printed name is "front door".
Understand "door" or "front door" as the front-door.

This is not shorter, but if you’re already in the habit of using hyphen-style-names in your source, it fits in.

Agreed with Zarf - setting an adjective as a synonym with the noun only when used with the noun is easy. (understand “front door” as front-door".) You can also specify:

Understand "front" as the front-door when the location of the map of the war front is not the location.