Inform 7 + MacOS Mojave?

Hi all-

Are there some Mac users out there who can verify whether or not Inform 7 works okay with the newly released MacOS Mojave?

After the breakage that happened around the time of High Sierra, I’m paranoid every time there is a new major update. I don’t want to update my OS until I know it won’t interrupt my work.


Yes, it works.


Is Mojave a worthwhile upgrade?

[EDIT: checked out the Apple site presentation, wow, stuff I actually can use!]

The Mojave upgrade was smooth for me. Nothing went obviously wrong or stopped working. (Although sandboxing has been tightened on some personal files. I had to explicitly give a couple of apps all-disk access.)

Most of the new user-facing features aren’t relevant to me, however. I don’t like dark UI themes, I don’t put icons on my desktop, I prefer using dedicated apps to edit images, etc, etc. I’m happy about the improved privacy features in Safari, though.

What a relief. Thanks mate!