[inform 7] Looking for writer/s

I’ve been working on a “framework” for the Inform 7 engine, one which is based around hyperlinks, flexibility, ease of use, and narrative control. It is quite dirty and extreemly simple but seems to be in a workable state at this point. I call it the “Clicky Framework” Unfortunately I have found that I’m just not much of a writer. So I am making the call for any writers or programmers who want to test writing a test story to see if it is workable and what needs to be improved. I have some story ideas but those details can be worked out once we have some people on board. If anyone wishes to take a look at the extension I’d be happy to post it, I just don’t know the rules when it comes to extensions which require others to function.

All the extensions on the I7 site have the “Attribution Creative Commons” licence, which basically means “Use however you like as long as the extension author’s name appears in the VERSION info.” If your extension uses the same license, it all works smoothly for everybody.

Well then here’s the extension to check out, as well as a quick preview file to show how things work (like I said, I’m not a very good writer soo…)
pantheon.inform.rar (798 KB)
ClickyFramework.i7x (3.13 KB)

I tried to load pantheon, installed extensions and fixed 2 errors in the extension but got too many errors from pantheon - using Inform (1.5/6.33/6L02).
I’d like to help though.