[Inform 7 Linux] How to add extensions to Public Library?

I’m sorry to bother the forum, but I’m a bit confused about the update process of the extensions in the “Public Library”.

I use the Linux versions of the program (but I could use also the Windows one) and I’m working on the “Italian Language” extension and to the translations of the already available extensions written in English.

For the moment I upload them to github.com/i7/extensions but users asked when they’ll be available on the official repository (that I think IS the “Public Library” and NO more the repository at inform7.com)

Can someone clarify the steps I must follow? Consider that “Italian Language” will be updated frequently, and a lot of italian translations are going to be published, so I need some kind of automatic method.

Thank you in advance for any explanation/suggestion.

As far as I know you still submit extensions to the address listed at inform7.com/contribute/extensions/ . Extensions intended for 6L02 will wind up in the Public Library site.

For distributing rapidly-changing work, github.com/i7/extensions is easiest.

So nothing has changed substantially. Thank you for the explanation.