Inform 7 IDE text cursor?

Working on authoring a new project with the Inform 7 IDE in Mac OS Catalina, and there’s no blinking text cursor in my source document. It’s making it tough to move about the page and know where I’m about to type a lot of the time. Been editing my Source file in VSCode instead and copy/pasting back into the IDE from time to time for testing, but this has quickly become a pain.

Hopefully I’m just dumb and there’s a fix for this? Anybody know of one?

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The Mac IDE isn’t fully compatible with Catalina’s Dark Mode. (I think the cursor actually is there, it’s just white on a white background.)

If you deactivate Dark Mode you should be able to see the cursor again. If you’re not using Dark Mode… then I don’t know what’s going on!

Here’s a post with more details from user Ryan Veeder, whom I consider something of an expert on the subject.


THANK YOU. That was absolutely the issue.

And thanks for the link to the previous post. Thought I’d searched hard enough for it, but clearly not. :man_facepalming:t2:

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If you were using VS Code, there a chance your were using my Inform 7 extension.

If that’s so, I’m working right now on a command to compile Inform 7 projects directly from within VS Code. Some features like the documentation, the skein or installing extensions won’t be supported (yet), but if you don’t use them, you will be able to author games by staying in VS Code.

I’ll release this new version of the extension as soon as possible. (The compiling command is already done, but it needs more polish and testing, and I have more important things to do right now.)


@Natrium729, that’s awesome! I am indeed using your extension. Looking forward to seeing the updates.

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Another solution that just occurred to me if you don’t want to disable the dark mode when using Inform:

Write your project entirely in project-specific extensions that you will open and edit in your editor of choice (e.g. VS Code). You’ll only need to use the IDE to include those extensions in your project and to test your story.