Inform 7 IDE not compatible with Fedora 39?

I’m on Fedora 38 Workstation. I just downloaded Fedora 39, but before launching the installation, a message pops up saying that inform7-ide is not compatible with Fedora 39 and will be deleted if I proceed to the upgrade.

Anyone had this kind of problem? Is the IDE really incompatible or will I be able to download it again or something after the upgrade. I downloaded Inform from Flathub.

Edit: For some reason I didn’t think about the laptop that I already upgraded to Fedora 39, but that didn’t have Inform. So I installed Inform on that laptop and everything worked.

So I upgraded my desktop, and actually Inform wasn’t uninstalled as claimed by the system prior to the upgrade, and everything seems to work fine. So problem solved, I guess.