Inform 7 IDE crashes a lot under Kubuntu 14.04

I am trying to use the latest build of Inform 7 on a Kubuntu (KDE, I think) linux machine that I have handy.

I presume I have all the dependencies installed since it runs at all, but it frequently crashes after hitting the “play” button to recompile changes – I’m just working through the tutorial stuff in the documentation. It seems like the crash is related to the number of times I’ve hit “play” and not to any specific code I’ve written in the source window, but it’s hard to be sure.

I am considering installing it as source and compiling it locally – other suggestions gladly entertained.

Having the same issue under Xubuntu and Lubuntu. Every Linux version of Inform 7’s IDE has been extremely unreliable, but the older versions would often crash while editing files, resulting in loss of work. The new IDE only seems to crash when trying out the game inside the IDE. My “workaround” to this problem was just avoiding the play button like the plague, which is unfortunate as it is quite useful.

I still find any other IDEs non-ideal to the way Inform handles files, but one can set up the CLI Inform 7 to work with shortcuts or what have you and then you could use any IDE you’d want to.

Considering this is exactly the same as just never pressing the play button, I really think it easier to just release it and “Play” with some external interpreter instead.

For the old Inform 7 versions there was no choice, using another IDE was mandatory, as Inform would crash and lose whatever it was you’d have written.

The idea of releasing and playing externally is quite interesting. I will try that. Thanks!

It seems to be crashing a lot in every distro. Have someone here reported this as a bug? I could not find this issue in the bug tracker and it would be a good idea to do so… (can someone here with an account in the bug tracker do this? I have so many accounts in bug trackers for different software, I would like to avoid creating another for now only to report this. Come to think of it, maybe github is really a great thing)