Inform 7 hype in 2010?


I have a question, just for curiosity. I’ve heard that Inform 7 is going to be hyped up very high this year, because of its new release, and that most IF authors and players will focus on writing and playing Inform 7 adventures.

Anything true about that or are there any authors out there who are currently developing games with other IF systems?

Where did you hear that?

I haven’t seen anything to suggest that the upcoming release has been hyped more than previous releases, or that Inform developers are significantly more excited about this release than previous releases (inasmuch as they’re always excited about new releases, for obvious reasons). I definitely haven’t seen anything to suggest that the upcoming release will mark any sort of sea change in the number of developers using Inform 7 as opposed to other systems.

As far as I know some people are still using TADS, some people are still using HUGO, some people are still using other systems, and some people are still homebrewing their own entirely new systems. Inform still represents the majority of released games, with TADS in second place and everything else as increasingly distant runners up. That’s been more or less the status quo for at least a decade.

Emphasis added:

As a player of Interactive Fiction, I play games that sound interesting, and run in my interpreter of choice. The choice of language used to create the game doesn’t matter to me. I don’t understand why a new Inform release would change this for anyone.

This post kind of seems like a loaded question.

Ok, that’s what I wanted to know.

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Perhaps it’s just referring to the fact that, if you’re playing a new Z-Machine or Glulx game, odds are it’s been created with Inform 7.