Inform 7 how to create a coloured page with space and photo and buttons?

hello i am very beginner , but i would see a little example on how to create in inform 7 a coloured page with a pictures an a dutton you can click, but i have searched on youtube and in the documentation but i dont understang so , anyone can show me hot to do that ? i need only a basic example .

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I saw in another thread you were asking about differences between TWINE and Inform7. The features you are asking about (custom screen colors, html style button control) would be much easier to implement in TWINE.

Inform will be easier if you wish to create a parser game with command line prompts after every turn.

Both are powerful platforms, which can be shoehorned into doing things they aren’t naturally designed for, but as a beginner, you’re probably better off starting with the built in features.


Yeah, this isn’t something that Inform 7 is particularly good at. You can make it happen with Vorple, but that brings its own set of challenges.