Inform 7 Examples updated to build 6L38

I have just finished my work on this project. All six standard examples now compile using 6L38 with the following reservations.

  1. all instances of “release a file of” had to be commented out
  2. four of the examples now have to be compiled to glulx (only Damnatio Memoriae and Glass compile to zcode)
  3. the text colour effects (zcode specific) in Bronze had to be removed

shin-sekai-no-kami.webspace. … f:examples

The changes from 6G60 through 6L02 to 6L38 are now held in GitHub repositories.

Nice work!

I just created a similar repository for examples found by an IFDB search for tag “I7 source available”. Has anyone else updated any of these examples? Is anyone interested in contributing their updates?

Scroll Thief was built with 6L38. The source is here or here.

Sequitur Release 3 has been revised to compile in 6L38. The source is at

The source contains a lot of code for list manipulation.