Inform 7 epub documentation

Hi folks, has anyone gotten the Inform 7 epub manual to work with Google Play for reading on an Android?

After “Processing…” am getting a “This file cannot be processed” error.

I ran it through and it is getting some warnings and errors but dunno if those are deal-killers for other platforms or just a problem for me.

Got some advice and ran it through calibre on my desktop but that didn’t seem to help.

Someone else has reported trouble:

I don’t know whether they are the same problems. I have no epub knowledge.

I just tried opening the epub in Sigil, and it gave the same error as reported in zarf’s link.

Epub isn’t a very flexible format. Stay to the rules, or the thing will break.

However, it opens fine with SumatraPDF.

Does it work in another epub reader?
I have it working in iBooks for ios without problems