Inform 7 documentation and resources


Everyone except new users is able to edit wiki posts – people should feel free to fix any broken links.

I would consider it a kindness, though, if anyone talked with me about their plans before just deleting or reorganizing stuff.

Like it says up top, I expect to do a major revision some time soon, but I’m waiting for the new IDEs and the new docs and change log and Inform 7 website to be released, which I’m presuming will all happen at the same time when they happen. And that’ll be a sufficiently large endeavor that it probably won’t happen quite as quickly as anyone would like.


Didn’t know anyone could edit that post. Thanks. I still find this forum cryptic.

Some time soon, I hope, I’ll be working on a v10 version of documentation and resources. I figure it’s worthwhile for there to still be 9.3/6M62-flavored info and there’s not room for 9.3 and 10.1 in the same entry: the initial post here has been dancing around the 32,000 character limit for a while – I’ve had to economize character count several times.

My inclination is to rename this thread Inform 7 9.3/6M62 Documentation and Resources and leave it principally as is, and to create a new Inform 7 v10 Documentation and Resources thread. Each will prominently identify itself and link to the other at their tops. And I presume some years hence the 9.3/6M62 thread would get unstickied.

Anyone have any strong opinions about some different approach being a better idea?


Concur and agree.

Would it be worth putting the new version on IFWiki?

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Just to follow up on my comment directly above, there’s a page for Inform 7 on IFWiki already, but it could do with being updated.

If you were to work on your new revision on IFWiki, it could be on the Inform 7 page itself (replacing much of the existing content there) or on a separate page. It would be in keeping with the “wiki” nature of the original post here, and would help to reinvigorate IFWiki too!

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I found this tutorial on WikiBooks:'s_Guide_to_Interactive_Fiction_with_Inform_7/Getting_Started_with_Inform_7

It is short and sweet and may be a good place to start before diving into the other tutorials posted by Allison Parrish and Carolyn VanEseltine.

I started it in November, then switched gears to return to (and finally finish) Reed’s Creating Interactive Fiction in Inform 7. I plan to review the other tutorials when I’ve finished the book. I’m nearly there.


Reed’s textbook is the best.

Another good source is Jim Aikin’s Handbook.

I went back and forth between them when I wrote my first game for EctoComp.