Inform 7 documentation and resources

As much as I want to like Inform 7, everything just seems out of sync and the worst is we don’t know which parts are working and which parts are not.

When a new version comes out, it seems crucial that everything be ready at the same time. I understand that different parts are maintained by different people who do it as a hobby, but it does give a hard time to people who want to jump on the wagon.

We did overhaul the built-in extension with the new release; if there are some straggling bits that we didn’t catch, those should be reported via the bug tracker, but these are accidental omissions, not an intentional lag.

Hi Emily. Would the bug tracker be the GitHub repo one or another one?

That would be the mantis site: . There’s a category for documentation issues.

I wanted to look up

“Writing with Inform”


“The Recipe Book”

but both links here on this page are down. Can someone please fix this? And maybe provide a link that works?

Links are still broken as of April 9, 2015. Help!

It’s a shame the online versions are down, but you can use the downloadable versions, can’t you?

Absolutely. I was able to download the text version which seems complete and up-to-date. Just a lot tougher without an html index.

The manuals should now be properly online at the Inform site.

That’s fantastic! Thank you for the fix!

(Graham is the one who actually needed to do this; I am but a messenger. :slight_smile:

Well, then, my thanks to Graham for the fix.

BTW, version 2.0 of the Inform 7 Handbook (rewritten for compatibility with 6L38) has been up for a few weeks at

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BTW, much thanks for updating this.

Strange, the link to Oliver Reiser’s Inform cheat-sheet is dead. I seem to remember it being still relevant; does anyone know where it can be found?

It is still available from the IF Archive

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Excellent. Thank you.

Most of the links in the initial post were dead. I’ve updated it. Everything should work now; I’ve also added some new things and removed some wholly outdated ones.


Might want to relink my Cookbook now that it’s version-numbered.

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concur and agree. I confirm that the link as is currently leads to a 404 because the extension now has a -[version number] in the filename.

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