Inform 7 compiling process

If I understood the manual correctly, Inform 7 is source to source compiled to Inform 6 code and then compiled to the target VM’s bytecode. Is there a way to see the intermediate Inform 6 code generated by the Inform 7 compiling process? I’m running the Windows IDE if that helps.

I’m on the Mac, but I suspect this is basically the same for Windows:

From the Inform 7 menu in the menu bar, go to Preferences->Advanced. Under “compiler debugging,” check “Show debugging log and Inform 6 intermediate code.”
Compile your project.
Click the “Results” tab in the IDE. There should be a series of tabs at the top of the pane, one of which is “Inform 6.” Click that.

Thanks, Matt! This stuff is so neat. I’m having a blast learning Inform.

The I6 code is generated in PROJECT.inform/Build/auto.inf.

Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed.