inform 7 coding question! pleez HALP!

Hey all, why doesn’t this work?

Mantle Battle One begins eleven turns after Druid Ritual begins.

Druid Ritual ends when Mantle Battle One begins.[/b]

i get this error:

Problem. You wrote ‘Mantle Battle One begins eleven turns after Druid Ritual begins’ : but I can’t find a verb here that I know how to deal with, so I am ignoring this sentence altogether.



Here is some code which does what you want.

[code]Mantle Battle One is a scene. Druid Ritual is a scene.

Druid Ritual ends when time since Druid Ritual began is 11 minutes.
Mantle Battle One begins when Druid Ritual ends.[/code]
How did you come up with the “X turns after Y begins” syntax? I couldn’t find it anywhere in the manual, and it doesn’t seem to be legal. The legal syntax is “when time since Y began is X minutes” (manual 10.3).

hey, im a novice. its my first work. i guess i thought that was legal code. it sounds right, but it aint.

thanks a ton for the example of what should work!!!

That’s quite normal with Inform syntax. There are many, many ways of phrasing things that look sensible, but that either fail to compile or compile but produce unexpected results.

I guess that’s the downside of using a fairly large fragment of natural English for programming: it’s easy to think that the fragment is even larger, and it’s hard to remember the exact shape of it.

Yeah, as someone said – and I completely agree: Inform 7 code is not easier to write than Inform 6 code, but it is a lot easier to read.

Which is why I like it. Contrary to complaints from a couple vociferous individuals, I like I7 more and more. You only write code once, but you have to read it over and over.