Inform 7: Asking a question

Is there a way to ask questions in Inform 7? Similar to the…

say "You really want the blue uniform?"; if the player consents: say "Good choice."; wait for any key; otherwise: say "Choose a different uniform, then.";

‘if the player consents’ kind of question, but I don’t want the answer ONLY to be yes or no. It would even be better if they are able to choose from a list of options.

Try the extension Questions by Michael Callaghan.

I don’t really get that extension… Is there another way?

I’ll repeat what I posted on the newsgroup:

Hi everyone.

I am relatively new to Inform 7 and I am facing the same issue. I can’t find Questions by Michael Callaghan (the link in the post by Victor seems no more working).
Is there an other simple way to ask an open question to the player, give options and then answer according to the selected options?

You can find Michael Callaghan’s Questions extension at the “Friends of I7” Github repository, where a lot of extensions are currently kept:

(Use the “Raw” button on Github to get the file itself.)

I’ve also heard a lot of recommendations for AW Freyr’s extension “Hybrid Choices”, which you can find attached to post 2 here:
Hybrid Choices version 7 not on-line?

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