Inform 7 and the raspberry pi

Hey, I was trying to build a version of inform 7 that would run on a raspberry pi which is armv6 I believe. The supplied binaries for armv5 do not run. I was building the components of inform 7 until I got to ni, which apparently hasn’t had its source published - (the last status update was four years ago so I am not holding out much hope.).

Would using inform 6 (which I compiled from source - good thing I had a CS background because no build system was provided.) be the best bet for development using inform on the pi?

It’s a shame the source to ni isn’t available because Inform 7 would be a top download in the pi store if it were available there.

You might try contacting Adam Thornton, the porter for I7 to Linux, who, last I knew, had at least an I7 test build for the Raspberry Pi.

Any news on a port to Raspberry Pi?