Inform 7 and App

I am researching Inform 7 as an editor for a text-based game. I apologize if this is a overused question: Can Inform7 be used to help you develop a iOS or Android app? Or do I need to look elsewhere and learn code? I just figured Inform7 seems amazingly useful and I am probably hoping beyond hope :smiley: .

Thanks for any info.

People will be chiming in soon enough saying that it’s possible indeed - though non-trivial - to “appify” an I7 game…

…but before they do, I’d just like to note that for iOS there exists an interpreter already, called Frotz, which - depending on your needs - may be simpler than “appification”.

On the other hand, if you’re asking whether I7 can be used to actually develop an app - the answer is no. It is used to develop I7 games (or works, or stories, or “abuses”); the ensuing file, though (.z5, .z8, .zblorb, .ulx or .gblorb) CAN be run in other platforms, including Android and iOS, as long as there is an interpreter installed.

EDIT - And what with Parchment and Quixe, it is possible to play I7 works in web-browsers, minimising the need for installation.

… I’d love to make an android game. if only to make something I won’t be allowing on iOS. :slight_smile: so if there’s a guide… gimme plzkthx. ^^

And hey! Peter! Don’t forget about the wonderful Text Fiction app!

That link to Text Fiction on the Play store seems broken, here is a current one: … extfiction

yowza. nearly a year later xD Thanks though!
And the link is to the guy’s page… still works. :slight_smile:

If I wasn’t clear, the link on the guy’s page to the app on the Play store is broken. And yes, I was fully aware this was a year old - but it is one of the few mentions of Text Fiction here on this forum - so this posting is still pretty relevant :wink: