Inform 7: 6E59 fragility issues

As several people have discovered, release 6E59 produces a Code 10 compilation error on some (not all) large Windows (not Mac, and not to the best of our knowledge Linux) projects. Particularly vulnerable are builds with large numbers of duplicate objects.

As this is a mission-critical issue, I imagine that a replacement build will be posted as soon as reasonably possible after the bug is found and dealt with. Those interested in tracking progress on the bug, or able to contribute more information, may find the details here:

(Note: this is not related to the problem that the original build of the compiler failed on pre-Intel Macs due to a lack of universal binary tools. That issue has already been resolved and a new build posted, so if you are encountering that issue, you may fix it by re-downloading 6E59 for the Mac.)

Don’t you mean 6E60? Or 6E59.1? It’s not usual in the software world to issue two releases with the same version number – and there are, I’m sure, very good reasons for that. Like, for instance, avoiding confusion in your user base as to what version they’re running.


No: there was nothing about the core of Inform that changed, only a feature of the format of the tools included. I imagine it would have been at least equally confusing to release under a different build number, since that would raise questions about how the Mac version related to the Windows and Linux versions. (Which said, it wasn’t my call. But I believe this to have been Graham’s rationale.)

We have a fix for this: now all the test cases I’ve got compile without failing. As a quick fix I’ve updated the Windows build of 6E59 on the web site.

Was it a screwup in the Windows build, or a bug in “ni” which was only manifesting on Windows?

The latter: there were a few lines of code before a conditional statement that should only be executed if the conditional holds, so it could appear on other platforms too. It was only during index construction, though, so it’s not like there’s a danger of silently producing a corrupted game file.

The plan is to fix the more serious issues and push a new release out soon, but this seemed nasty enough to deserve a new Windows build straight away.