Inform 6 support in Notepad++


I made a package of syntax highlighting and auto-completion for NPP. These tools include more than 600 keywords and statements of I6 and RInform (Russian Inform library). (10.4 KB)


To install UDL (User Defined Language) choose Language β†’ User Defined Language β†’ Define your language. Then import inform6_udl.xml from userDefineLangs folder. To add the language to language bar choose Inform 6 from drop-down list and press Save as Inform. To apply language to the current document just click on language bar and choose Inform. Inform 6 can be safely removed from the list.

All keywords and statements are grouped in categories (based on DM4 and IBG):

<operators 1,2> (orange) β€” statements
<delimiter 1> (light green) β€” strings
<delimiter 2> (green) β€” dictionary words
<delimiter 3> (blue) β€” compilation parameters
<delimiter 5> (grey) β€” comments
<1st group> (jade) β€” tokens
<2nd group> (blue) β€” directives
<3rd group> (drab) β€” ZSCII, opcodes
<4th group> (violet) β€” library constants, variables, objects, arrays and classes
<5th group> (brown) β€” object properties
<6th group> (yellow) β€” object attributes
<7th group> (drab) β€” actions
<8th group> (white) β€” built-in (library) routines and functions
default style (coral) β€” user constants, variables and routines
numbers β€” burgundy

Input case is important.

To modify UDL use Define your language form. All changes are saved and applied automatically. To save changes to a file press Export.


To install auto-completion copy autoCompletion folder to installed folder Notepad++. The changes will take effect after restarting the program. You can set up auto-completion mode in menu Settings β†’ Preferences β†’ Auto-completion.


This is really nice! It’s great to see how you’ve organized things. I wrote a really rough UDL for I7 but not with as much rigor as you had. It basically just flagged volume/book/chapter etc., but I never figured how to un-highlight if β€œbook” or β€œpart” appeared mid-line.

I think this I6 example could provide a great roadmap for I7 & it might help me revisit that. Especially since I’m not the only person on here who seems to use Notepad++ to keep track of code… I7 language file for Notepad++?

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I’m glad this thing was useful to someone besides me :slightly_smiling_face:. Unfortunately, I7 is not translated into my native language. Anyway, good luck to you!

Notepad++ in my opinion is the best writing tool, I use it for pretty much everything. I have a rudimentary one that highlights only a few keywords but this seems very impressive.

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