Inform 6 Standard Library 6.12.5 released

The Inform 6 Standard Library version 6.12.5 is ready for use. It should show up in in a few days.

Version 6.12.5 (5 June 2021)

This is a maintenance release focusing almost entirely on bug fixes.

Bugs fixed

  • Revisted the the problem of the library confusing HER as a personal pronoun with HER as a possessive pronoun. The fix in 6.12.3 wound up creating a new problem.

  • Fixed an oversight or misfeature wherein a return value of true from a description routine would not cause the parser to stop further processing.

  • Fixed a problem with CreatureTest() not accounting for ##AskTo.

  • Fixed a longstanding defect in parsing wherein TAKE KEY when things like “key”, “gold key”, and “ruby key” are present. This previously resulted in a pointless disambiguation question that made it very difficult to take the object lacking an adjective.

  • Changed less-than-helpful messages printed when attempting to WEAR or DROP wearable objects in containers or on supporters.

  • Fixed numerous problems that happen when no_implicit_actions is true.

  • Fixed confusing messages and troublesome handling for DROP, WEAR, REMOVE, and DISROBE when containers or supporters are involved.


  • There has been some confusion about references to parse array access routines in Roger Firth’s Inform FAQ at Since that document was written, those routines were replaced with WordAddress(), WordLength(), WordValue(), NumberWords(), etc. as part of the aborted effort to produce Inform 6.40 back in 2006. That work was revived to create the 6.12 line of the Standard Library.

That link takes you to the 6.12.4 library. Is this the correct link or has the file been lost in limbo somewhere?

Not quite Limbo, but Purgatory. The Library should arrive in its usual place in a few days. In the meantime, you can download it from

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Thanks David.