Inform 6 package for Unix version 6.42 Release 1 is ready

Version 6.42 Release 1 (10 April 2024)


  • Inform 6 version 6.42 is finalized with commit e528e48.
  • Updated inform.1 manpage.
  • Updated Standard Inform Library to 6.12.7 commit a0d3e3d.
  • Updated PunyInform to version 5.4 commit ad50320.
  • Print hashes of resulting tarball from “make dist”.
  • Fixed a compile issue with Android needing -DUNIX instead of -DLINUX.
  • Removed a now obsolete Switches directive from std-demos/balances.inf.
  • Hopefully better job of keeping Git stuff out of the distribution package.
  • This release is dedicated to the memory of Archturiat Baumann.
    (April 10, 1970 - April 3, 2024)

As is usual, the package is available now at and at the IF Archive soon.

I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately. Some of that has been due to the declining health and passing of a close friend of mine, Arcturiat Baumann, for whom I have dedicated this release.


Sorry to hear about your friend. I’m glad you were able to find a way to honor his memory!