Inform 6.35 Release 3 for Unix released

I’ve updated PunyInform in the Inform6 for Unix package.

As is usual, the tarball is available right now at and at the IF Archive in a few days.

Version 6.35 Release 3 (26 August 2021)

  • Removed dependency on GNU cut’s --complement flag for configuring

  • Averted trouble if foo.z3 and foo.z5 both exist in the same subdirectory.

  • Use REAL_PREFIX to ensure is set up right when fakeroot
    is used. This is important when building binary packages (.deb, .rpm,
    and so on).

  • Updated PunyInform to vetrsion 2.8.

  • Updated Inform 6 compiler to 6.35 commit 09b7bc26d9


The compiled program self-identifies as 6.36 (development version). Should it maybe just be called a 6.36 release? There’s now ambiguity if anyone reports a problem and says they’re running 6.35.

As ever, thank you for your work on this!


Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll come up with something to make it unambiguous.


There’s a really cool new thing in this release – Zarf rewrote the compiler’s memory handling: compilation uses dynamic memory allocation. MAX_STATIC_DATA and MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE and all sorts of things you may have increased manually to make things work don’t exist anymore. The release notes have the list of removed constants. Thanks, @Zarf!

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Ah, those changes are not in 6.35. They will be in 6.36 when that’s released.

(Which is to say, I agree with Zed above – this should be labelled “6.36dev” or something like that.)

What do you think of me releasing a “6.35-rX” line as the same time as a “6.36dev-rX” line?