Inform 6.34 dowloads?

I couldn’t manage to find official links to download the version 6.34 of the Inform compiler.

The repository points to this page on the IFArchive, but it only goes as far as 6.33 for macOS and Windows only. (While we are at it, a 64-bits version will be needed soon for macOS.)

Someone on the forum compiled it for Windows, so I didn’t have to, fortunately, but it would be nice to have the situation clarified.

There hasn’t been a formal 6.34 release. David K updated the version number to “6.34” in the source repository a couple of years ago, but nobody’s ever lowered the hammer and said “This is 6.34, all future changes will be called 6.35.”

Mind you, since a new I7 release is theoretically coming soon, now would be a good time to call it a release. It looks like David compiled the Windows binary you see on the Archive. I can do the same on the Mac, if people care.

(I tend to assume, without support, that anybody who wants to use I6 can compile it from source. cc -o inform *.c still works on Mac, if you have dev tools installed…)

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Thaks for the answer! Yeah, I guess I would have managed to compile it.

There are not a lot of people using I6 so the lack of download may not be a big problem, but it may still be a good idea to keep things updated (at least mention the situation in the REAMDE, for example). But I understand that’s not really a priority, too.

As Zarf says, there will probably be an official Inform 6.34 around the time of the next Inform 7: generally I hold off making releases before an Inform 7 version in case something crops up with Inform 7 that needs an Inform 6 tweak. At the moment none of the post-6.33 changes are particularly interesting or ugent.

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