Inform 6.33.1 for Unix in beta and Library 6/12 released

I’ve finally gotten things worked out with the Unix package of Inform6 and with Library 6/12.

For the package, I think it’s pretty much done. It seems to work. I’m waiting on some testing from a couple Linux distribution packagers. I’ve tagged a third beta of it at If there aren’t any problems that’ll be the release.

For the Library, that’s tagged too at

Both of these were just now uploaded to the IF Archive. Share and Enjoy!

Good work!

The pedantry: this is not a formal 6.33.1 release of I6, but 6.34 should make it out soon so take this as a preview. Mostly bug fixes for rare corner cases.

For the compiler and library package, I’m using the third dot version indicator for updates to the package itself. I’m pondering making point releases of the Library for bugs and such. So the Library would become 6/12.1, 6/12.2 and so on.

Hm yes. I see.

Maybe the whole package needs its own version number, independent of the library and compiler? I know that’s a lot of version numbers… Or you could call it “6.33+6/12.1”, which is messy but gets the message across.