Inform 10 - bug with 'now...corresponding to'?

So I’m getting this error message in Inform for Windows 10.1.2:

Problem. An internal error has occurred: indirect function call with too many arguments. The current sentence is ‘if the player’s command includes “lie”’ [](source:C:\Users\mikep\OneDrive\Documents\Inform\Internal\Extensions\Graham Nelson\Standard Rules.i7x#line2010); the error was detected at line 388 of “inter/building-module/Chapter 1/Inter Primitives.w”. This should never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.

On investigating, it highlights the offending lines of code in the Standard Rules :

(whether that’s the case or not!!)

Here’s the minimal code-fragment that I can reproduce the error with :

"Oh no!" by Ade.

Garden is a room.

Table of SummaryOutput
s-index	t-value
1	7
2	9

To say FooBar:
	now the t-value corresponding to a s-index of 2 in the Table of SummaryOutput is 15.

has the now the…corresponding to… construct been deprecated?

Doing it this way :

To say BooFar:
	choose row with a s-index of 2 in the Table of SummaryOutput;
	now t-value entry is 15.

works fine.

this feels like a fairly fundamental thing in a commonly used construct. Worth reporting? Apologies if discussed already.



This has already been reported here: [I7-2245] Internal error when changing a value in a table based on a correspondence. - Inform: The Bug Tracker ( but unfortunately it hasn’t been replied to yet.