Infocom-style interpreter skin?

Playing through The Lurking Horror, I find myself absolutely in love with the unintentional atmosphere created by the now-obsolete format. The low resolution, the blunt status bar, the high contrast, the blocky fixedwidth font. How close can this charming look be replicated in our modern-day browser interpreters?
(I have never edited the look of a browser interpreter in any way before, although I understand it is done through CSS, which I have some familiarity with.)

Are you looking specifically for a browser interpreter, or does running curses!Frotz in CoolRetroTerm count?

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Browser, ideally. If I want the full experience I can play the actual Infocom games, but I’m curious if I could put my OWN games into that format for others’ consumption.

I don’t recall where I saw it, but there’s a web-based terminal emulator that can be customized to look like something old.

You should have a look through #technical-development:interpreters - there are various old CRT style things already. Also check out Guilded Youth which was written in I7 and Vorple.


There’s also the recent tool Adventuron which does pixel-art fonts and illustrations…

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Having a modern interpreter look like an old one is the primary reason I made this font.

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Ooo! Very nice, thank you!

ADRIFT recently regained online-play capabilities after a year or two without it. I’m implementing a backup process to assure that will never happen again.

I’ll plug adrift. Screenshots here:
It’s pretty easy to make a classic-looking work of IF using ADRIFT’s runner. In fact, this is primarily the reason why I use it.

As a plus, it’s mostly object-oriented so it’s pretty easy to use with minimal coding experience.