"Infocom Reunion" online chat, Feb 1992

I was digging around in my really-old-text-file archive – stuff that I collected off Usenet when I was in college. I found this file, and it seemed to not exist anywhere on the Internet any more. So I uploaded it:


An edited transcript of the GAMERS Forum’s INFOCOM REUNION CONFERENCE on February 18th, 1992. Guests included Marc Blank, Dave Lebling, Stu Galley, Amy Briggs, Bob Bates, Steve Meretzky, Brian Moriarty and Mike Berlyn. Hosted by Ms. Wiz/Associate SysOp. Transcript was edited for clarity.

(Weirdly, I found hints that this file was on the IF Archive for a few years, but got dropped. Now it’s back.)

This is a glimpse at an era that thought of itself as “post-Infocom”. Of course, from our point of view, it’s “slightly after Infocom”!

I believe the chat took place on Compuserve. (Jimmy Maher and Judith Pintar discuss the mostly-lost CIS Gamers Forum here: » 2018 » January » 05 The Digital Antiquarian .) (Yes, I’m just googling around now.)

Favorite line:

(2-27,Brian Moriarty) that VR was like putting a rented bowling shoe on your face.

How much has changed, eh?


very nice! thanks for this

I remember reading this when it was serialised in Adventure Probe… I just presumed it was online! :slight_smile:

At the time, it might have been!

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