Infocom monster that pretends to be a cookie

Can anyone remember which Infocom monster pretends to be a cookie and hides in cookie jars? I thought it might be from ‘Beyond Zork’, the manual for which includes such monsters as Dust Bunnies but it’s not there, nor is the Minx so I’m guessing there’s another game with an illustrated list of monsters.

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I suspect you’re thinking of Yipples, from Sorcerer.

The yipple is a master of disguise, able to alter
form to match its surroundings. If disturbed in
the wild, some yipples may bite. They make
wonderful pets, but should never be allowed to rest in
the cookie jar if guests are expected.

(Scroll down to near bottom.)


That’s the one! Thank you very much, Rax. (I think the bit at the end is part of copy-protection, so I’ve blurred it.)

[Image blurred by Mod for spoiler purposes]


I guess you could say the whole entry is copy protection. The blurred part isn’t the only part you need to solve the puzzles.