Infocom manuals in Masterpieces of Infocom

The Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces of Infocom CD contains some PDFs with the Infocom manuals, maps and hints. The Infocom Documentation Project ( also has PDFs of the same stuff. Is one source better than the other? More complete, or higher quality?

(There’s also the Infocom Gallery ( The Infocom Gallery - a repository of high-quality scans of classic Infocom packages and manuals (, but it’s in image format rather than PDFs.)


I have the Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces of Infocom CD, and after a quick glance at the link you posted can 100% confirm that the PDFs at the Infocom Documentation Project are both more complete and higher quality. Also, the documents on the CD are almost all scanned in black and white - I think there’s a map for one of the games that’s in colour, and that’s about it.


Sorry for the late reply, but if you are interested in multiple titles you may still find this useful:

Hope this is still helpful, I’ve been making my way through the entire catalog the past several months and this is what I’ve settled on.