Infocom games

I am looking for a way to be able to play all
The Infocom games on my iPad and MacBook

I know of Frotz but do not know how to add games


In Frotz, go to the Story List, choose “Browse IFDB”, click the globe at the bottom of the screen, and enter a URL to the file you want to add. As to adding Infocom games, I’m not sure if posting URLs to them is okay on the forum or not. Waiting for someone else to chime in on that.

Edit: This is for iOS.


For MacOS, download something like Gargoyle or Spatterlight and then double-click the file (.z3, .z5 or whatever) and the interpreter should open up.


IFDB has URLs pointing to the Github repositories of the Infocom games. Unfortunately, these are not in a form that iOS Frotz can easily download.

Since that’s true, I’ll just post my URL:

Enter that URL in iOS Frotz – again, using “Browse IFDB” and the globe button. You can then browse the games. I recommend the versions labelled “Masterpieces version”; others may have bugs.


I didn’t know about this feature. Very cool.

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