Infocom and multiple choice

In which Infocom games has multiple choice as a way of input been used? A choice that would need to be typed in (“enter 3”/“type 3”) would count. I’d leave “Journey” out because it’s a totally different kind of genre. Thanks!

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In Leather Goddesses of Phobos, you famously start with an urge, and have to go into either the Ladies’ room or the Gentlemen’s room. This choice configures the player character.


I think Infocom only required the player to use a command like “TYPE 3” or “PRESS 3” when dealing with an in-game computer. For example, Stationfall:

>put robot form in slot
The form is swallowed up, followed by a long pause for triple-redundancy
processing. You hear a recorded voice. "Authorization approved. Type the bin
number of the desired robot."
   The third robot looks up from his marbles, jumps to his feet, and starts
waving wildly. It's Floyd, your robotic companion from Resida! (Footnote 3)
You've seen him only occasionally since he opted for assignment in the Stellar
Patrol those five long years ago.

>type 3
"Yippee!" yells Floyd, bounding joyfully over and giving you a big hug.
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Thanks. In the meantime I remembered Nord & Bert and its initial choice which part of the “city” to visit.

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What about the restaurant scene in Bureaucracy?

Time passes.

A harried-looking waitress appears at your side. "May I take your order now,

The waitress sighs too loudly. "All right, sir, how would you like your burger
done? Raw? Rare? Medium? Well-done?"

"Bar-b-que sauce on that?"

"Very well, sir. Melted cheese?"

"Swiss, American, or Cheddar?"


…and so on.

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I thought that was the opposite of what grueslayer was asking for – choices where the game accepts a keyword rather than a “TYPE FOO” or “ENTER 3” verb.

But they’ll have to say what they meant.

Yeah I meant the equivalent of a CYOA situation, but a little bit stretched. I’m collecting that for a small text fragment about multiple choice in Infocom games.