infix: Insight available in the Kindle Store

our first interactive fiction active content for the Kindle (all models) is available in the Kindle Store: … =133141011

Insight, created by Jon Ingold, is a science-fiction detective story. A genetic designer from Mars is accused of committing the planet’s first murder. But you can prove it?

infix, the engine powering this release, is a native Z-Machine interpreter for the Kindle and fully suports z-code version 3, 5, and 8.
It also contains user interface features and enhancements specifically designed for the Kindle.

more infix-powered games coming very soon - enjoy!

Just out of curiosity … I could spend $2 and find out, but maybe you can tell us: Does “all models” include the software Kindle readers in my Mac and PC?

“all models” refers to the actual hardware devices (Kindle DX, 2nd Generation Kindle, New Kindle, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Touch)
the software readers do not support active content (apps), unfortunately

How about a UK version? Or does someone know a good and easy way of tricking Amazon into letting me buy a version from the US store?