Individual "Every"

I have a college campus. A dorm-room is a kind of room.

A dresser is a kind of container. A desk is a kind of supporter.

Every dorm-room contains a dresser.
Every dorm-room contains a desk.

Now if I want an object to be inside the desk in Chrissy’s Dorm Room, how do i specify that desk? Is it “desk in Chrissy’s dorm room” or “a random desk which is in chrissy’s dorm room” or “Chrissy’s Dorm Room’s Desk”?

I believe the possessive only works for parts of things that are generated by “every,” not contents. So you need to use “a random.”

If you want to use the anonymous instance of a desk you have to move the object in it when the game is already running:

[code]A pencil is a thing.

When play begins:
now the pencil is in a random desk in Chrissy’s dorm room.[/code]

Awesome, thanks.