Index seemingly missing responses for actions (as in Example 252 - Responsive)

I can not find the “speech bubble icons” or any of the elements pertaining to responses, as described in Example 252, under Actions in the Index – the details page for any action that I look at, built-in or not, in a blank one-room test project or a real one, only turns up something like the following:

Am I missing something obvious or is something wrong here? There seems to be no other plausible place in the Index that the described functionality might be found in either.

I am on version of the Windows desktop application. Sorry if this is a known issue, but searching turned up nothing – and for what it’s worth, I do know how to list and probe the responses manually to achieve what I need them for in the end, but the Index-based approach sounds like it would be convenient.

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Yeah, it’s a bug. There should be a speech balloon following each “unlist”. Until such time as it’s fixed, here’s a Project Index for 9.3/6M62 for a plain “Lab is a room” program. 10.1 has one additional action rule that 9.3 doesn’t – the can’t insert what’s already inserted rule, a Check inserting it into rule – but the existing action rules’ names and responses didn’t change.


Reported as bug I7-2302.


Unfortunately, although the speech-bubble icons appear in this index, they don’t have functional links…

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Would you believe it was there but you just couldn’t see it?

It had been working, but then I saw the stylesheet link on the details pages had been broken, so I fixed that. And obviously you don’t need to double-check anything for a change that innocuous, right? But the stylesheet set those elements to “display: none” for some reason that doubtless made sense at the time.

Anyway, thanks, it’s working now. No, really, I mean it this time!


Ha Ha!

Confirm it’s now working for me too.

I was about to report that it was working in Opera but not in Chrome or Internet Explorer… but that was just because you’d fixed it by the time I tried Opera :smiley:

For avoidance of doubt, clicking on the ‘name’ or ‘set’ icons after the listing of the response text will copy the relevant I7 code to the clipboard, so you can then paste it into your project in the IDE

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