Indentation problems

I got that error 12 times. How do I fix this? I copied all the text from my macbook Pro’s inform to google drive, then on my PC i went and copied it from google drive to inform, worked on it, then did the same thing backwards. Now I’m getting all these errors. I tried editting the indentations, switching space bars for tabs. This kinda fixed it? I got it down to 10 but it went back to 12 when I tried editting something. Luckily I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a bit too much information, but is there anyway I can fix this easily?

Seems like Google Drive isn’t preserving the tab characters properly, which is very unfortunate. If you can figure out how many spaces it replaces each tab with, you can use a program like Notepad++ (which has a find-and-replace that supports \t) to turn every run of that many spaces into a tab. Then avoid using copy and paste to transmit your code.

I don’t know much about Inform, but perhaps you could use some kind of version control system in the future. Like Git?