Increase story source text font size?

I have low vision. When I increase the font size in inform7 preferences, it increases the size of the font in the displayed manuals. Is there a way to increase the font size in the story source text? I have searched the manual and played with preferences without luck. I am running the latest version of Inform 7 on a Mac Book Pro with OS X installed.

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(EDIT: Duh, you said Mac, I’m so sorry. But I think it’s the same. I’ll look at it later when I switch desktops.)

On Windows, go to edit > preferences and it’s right at the top.

If it still isn’t working, is it possible you’ve got a special desktop font size preference overriding everything?

Other possibility - you’re using a font at a size that isn’t provided for? (such as defaulting to the Bold face of it?)


In the Mac IDE, the Preferences dialog has an Editing tab which lets you adjust the source text and a Text Size tab which lets you adjust the story text.

I found a solution on my Mac Book Pro. It is kind a kludge but it works. Changing the font directly in the Font Size selection window does not work. It always reverts back to 12 pts. However, when I increase the font percentage in each individual selection in the middle of the preferences selection window it increases the font size and remains. To get a comfortable font size, I have to use the maximum increase of +39 %.

It works and Inform 7 is incredible software. I have been experimenting with Twine and Tads 3 as well. Inform 7 is the perfect balance and has the complexity and flexibility I am looking for.

I will install the Windows 7 version on an old Dell laptop to see if the font size can be changed normally there.

Thank you for all of your help!


I downloaded a fresh copy of Inform 7 and installed on my Mac Book Pro. The new install behaves as expected. I can modify the story source text font properly.

Thank you again for all of your help.


This is still helpful four years later. Thank you! Saved my aging eyes.

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